Monday, October 17, 2016

Still Thirsting for Knowledge

I haven't posted on here in far longer than I care to admit.  As I looked to restart this blog, I read through my previous posts. The last one is as relevant today as the day I originally posted it.  So much so I've decided to let it stand as the restart of my musings.  Enjoy! ~amh

Thirst for Knowledge

The desire of knowledge, like the thirst for riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.
     - Laurence Sterne

If Laurence Sterne was correct, why then do so many people loathe the idea of having to attend training?

I am constantly searching for new and interesting things to do with the eLearning I build.  I seek knowledge not just to be a better employee but to be a better self.

What I don't need:
- Another generic course on software I've been using for the past 15 years
- Another generic leadership course on how to be effective and influence others
- Another generic self reflective analysis of my personality
- Another generic change/time/conflict management course

The problem with all of these is that they're a one size fits all approach.  After 15 years in corporate America, it's safe to say I've had to attend all of these at one time or another and some many times over.

What I do need:
- Training that specifically applies to my current and potentially future responsibilities
- Training that I'm so excited about I don't bother waiting until I get back to work to start implementing the information
- Training that addresses the current trends and embraces the future trends
- Training that races at the front of the curve ahead of the other innovators and ignores the immediate practical application

These options work for me and many others because it keeps us engaged in what we do, what we're passionate about.  I build active learning because I want active learning.

Some suggestions:
- Don't build training for the sake of building training.
- Don't provide off-the-shelf training and expect innovation.

- Do analyze the needs of your employees and how meeting those needs will impact the organization's goals.
- Do offer your employees training outside of the canned experiences they've grown accustomed to.

As an employee, if the training that's available isn't meeting your needs, ask for more.  If they can't do more, do it for yourself.

Quench your own thirst for knowledge!